Demon Halls

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  • Stage 5: The Demon Halls (Original PD)

    27 messages
    • Why do people say that Demon Halls are hard? Seriously, on my run I thought that it was easier than the sewers. And guess what - IT WAS. Used o...
    • You have more gear fighting Yog-Dzewa than you do Goo. If you used the same gear you used to defeat Goo for Yog-Dzewa, it would be much harder...
  • Stage 5 (Demon Halls): Help Please!

    33 messages
    • wrote:Beat the game! i wasnt able to respond sooner because where I was there was no internet, but thanks! So happy! You'...
    • wrote:Beat the game!  I wasnt able to respond sooner because, where I was, there was no internet, but thanks!  So happy! No probl...

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