Decorated walls are decorative tiles, as well as solid objects, that can be found throughout the dungeon.

Description Edit

Decorated walls change their image (& function, if any) as your Hero/ine descends deeper into the dungeon.

Image Stage Description
Wall decorated sewers Sewers Wall
Wall decorated prison Prison Wall
Wall decorated caves Caves A vein of some ore is visible on the wall. Gold?
Wall decorated city Dwarven City Several tiles are missing here.
Wall decorated halls Demon Halls Wall

Info Edit

Most decorated wall tiles are non-interactive, except for the ones in the Mining Caves stage.
The visible gold ore vein can be mined, using the Pickaxe that the Troll Blacksmith lends to your Hero/ine (which is part of one of the Troll Blacksmith's quests).
Unlike normal wall tiles, decorated wall tiles never have hidden doors in them, so there is no need to Search them.

History Edit

Update Change
1.7.2 Changed: Demon Halls Decorated Wall, updated from lava-colored panels, to RGBY-colored stained glass windows.

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