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The Curse Personification Quest is one of three quests given by the Sad Ghost.

The Sad Ghost asks the Hero/ine to free it from a curse. If the Hero/ine chooses to accept the quest, then the Sad Ghost will turn into a Curse personification. Once the Hero/ine vanquishes the Curse personification (i.e. slays it), then the Sad Ghost will reappear and give the Hero/ine a prize. If the Hero/ine does not accept the quest, then the Sad Ghost will simply respawn somewhere else in the dungeon, and the Hero/ine will need to find him again to get the quest.

Dialogue Edit

Upon speaking with the Sad Ghost Edit

Hello adventurer... Once I was like you - strong and confident... And now I'm dead... But I can't leave this place, as I am bound by a horrid curse... Please... Help me... Destroy the curse...

Upon vanquishing the Curse personification Edit

Thank you, <insert Hero/ine class>! The curse is destroyed and I can finally rest... Please take one of these items, maybe they will be useful to you in your journey...

History Edit

Update Change
1.8.0 ADDED to the game

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