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The character window is a special window that could be accessed by clicking the character icon in the top left corner of the game.

Character Icon Edit

The character icon displays an image of the current Hero/ine class that is being played.

After finding the descending stairs/depth exit, a directional arrow appears on the character icon, which functions as a compass pointing to said stairs. This helps with depth-navigation, if you have found the depth exit early, but have not yet finished exploring the depth (especially in the final stage, where visibility is poor).


The character window shows important information about the character, such as health points and effects under which the character is.

Organization Edit

The character window consists of two tabs named "Stats" and "Buffs".

Stats Edit

The following information can be found under the Stats tab:

  • Header - Shows the level and the class of the character
  • Journal button - Opens the journal.
  • Strength - Shows how many points of strength the character currently has.
  • Health - Shows how many health/hit points the character currently has.
  • Experience - Shows both current experience points, and the maximum exp. pts. needed, to reach the next level.
  • Gold - Shows the amount of gold the character currently holds.
  • Max.Depth - Shows the highest level that the character has reached.

All of this information, with the exception of the experience, is copied to the ranking page once the character dies.

Buffs Edit

The buffs tab simply shows the icon and the name of the buffs and debuffs, which the Hero/ine currently has.

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