Weapon Info
Min Damage 1+depth-armor
Max Damage 10+depth×2-armor
Debuff Paralyzed Paralyzed
Duration 2 Turns
Other info
Quantity 1 to 3
Price 10

Description Edit

This is a relatively small bomb, filled with black powder. Conveniently, its fuse is lighted automatically when the bomb is thrown.

Damage Edit

When thrown, the bomb will damage any character within a 1 tile radius.
The bomb will do 1+depth-armor to 10+depth×2-armor damage to each character in its radius, where armor is the amount of armor that the character being damaged has.
The bomb will also apply the Paralyzed Paralyzed debuff to all characters caught in the blast-zone for 2 turns (unless they are immune to it).

Obtaining Edit

Bombs can be found randomly in the dungeon as a misc item. When found, they will have a quantity of 1 to 3.

Tips Edit

A bomb turns any flammable tile into embers within its radius. It can be used to get into a Storage room instead of a Potion of Liquid Flame.

Gallery Edit

Bomb explosion

History Edit

Update Change
1.7.4 ADDED to the game
1.7.4-1.7.5 Fixed: [Grammar] "This a relatively small bomb..." → *This is a relatively small bomb...*

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