Arcane Stylus

Arcane Stylus

Infobox sewers

Type Misc
Function Inscribes a Glyph on an Armor

Repairs armor degradation

Source Randomly, in the dungeon
Reusable No
Upgradeable No
Stackable (In Backpack/On floor) Yes

(Glyph - On Armor) No
(Repair - On Armor) Yes

Breakable No
Buy price cannot be bought
Sell price 50 gold

The Arcane stylus is a magical item that inscribes a random glyph on any armor.

Description Edit

Arcane Stylus
Arcane stylus
This arcane stylus is made of some dark, very hard stone. Using it you can inscribe a magical glyph on your armor, but you have no power over choosing what glyph it will be, the stylus will decide it for you.

Use Edit

When used, the stylus will add a random glyph to the Hero/ine’s armor. Using the stylus on an already-inscribed armor, will randomly change the glyph.

Obtaining Edit

NO LONGER OBTAINABLE (Replaced by Scroll of Enchantment, as of Update 1.7.5)

It can be found randomly in the dungeon. Each depth (except boss rooms & the depth 21 Shop) has a depth/(12*(N+1)) (where N is the amount of arcane styli generated) chance to spawn a stylus. Thus, there can be anywhere between 2 to 19 arcane styli per game.

Tips Edit

  • Be mindful when using Scroll of Upgrades on an inscribed armor; this is similar with weapon enchantments, as too many upgrades might erase the glyph!

History Edit

Update Change
1.6.1 ADDED to the game
1.6.2a Changed: Sell Rate reduced from 100g to 50g.
1.6.3 Changed: Arcane Styli are rarer now (-33%)
1.7.4 Changed: Arcane Styli repair Armor Degradation
1.7.5 Changed: Scrolls of Enchantment REPLACES Arcane Styli

(REMOVED from the game)

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