This is a data page that stores the shared data for the Animated statue. Before editing, please read the data documentation.

This data page contains:

  • gifimage = Animated Statue gif.gif
  • infoboximage = Statue infobox.png
  • description = You would think that it's just another ugly statue of this dungeon, but its red glowing eyes give itself away. While the statue itself is made of stone, the <weapon name>,[sic] it's wielding,[sic] looks real.
  • specialroom = Statue room
  • health = depth×5+15
  • dodge = depth+4
  • armor = depth
  • resistances = Toxic gas
    Grim weapon
    Scroll of Psionic Blast
  • immunities = Vampiric weapon
  • accuracy = (depth+9)×weaponAccuracy
  • damage = weaponDamage
  • delay = weaponDelay
  • experience = 0
  • drop = The random enchanted melee weapon the statue was using

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