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Alchemy pot

Alchemy is a process where seeds can be transformed into a potion using an alchemy pot.

Use Edit

Throw (or drop) 3, or more, seeds into an alchemy pot and the seeds will automatically be transformed into a potion. As soon as the heap contains at least 3 seeds, the transmutation occurs, so it’s impossible to transmute, for instance, 4 seeds of A and 4 seeds of B within the same potion. If any item other than seed is present, no transmutation occurs.

The potion will be randomly selected based upon the seeds used. There is a 1/numberOfTransmutedSeeds probability of a random potion, otherwise, the potion will be one of the potions associated with the seeds used.

For example, if:

are used, there will be a 1/4 probability of getting a random potion. The remaining 3/4 is split between the seeds, so there is a:

Seed associations Edit

Seed Potion
Seed of Firebloom
Firebloom seed
Liquid Flame
Seed of Icecap
Icecap seed
Seed of Sorrowmoss
Sorrowmoss seed
Toxic Gas
Seed of Dreamweed
Dreamweed seed
Seed of Sungrass
Seed of Earthroot
Paralytic Gas
Seed of Fadeleaf
Mind Vision
Seed of Rotberry

Tips Edit

  • Using more seeds will still result in only one potion but will reduce randomness.
  • Alchemy can produce a Potion of Experience, and is the only legitimate way of reaching max level. In practice, the only hypothetical way this is possible would be through the Wand of Regrowth & the Ring of Herbalism.
    • chance of a it is about .88%, which means you can expect that roughly every 113 potions created (when using 3 seeds)
  • It is impossible to use alchemy to create a Potion of Might, since its random generation is set to 0 % and no seed is associated with it.
  • As of Update 1.6.4, you can no longer step on a tile with an Alchemy Pot by tapping it; and therefore, you can't pick up an item there in this way. Instead, you need to tap a wall behind the Alchemy Pot. [1]

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