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Alchemy pot

Alchemy is a process where seeds can be transformed into a potion using an alchemy pot.

Use Edit

Throw (or drop) 3, or more, seeds into an alchemy pot and the seeds will automatically be transformed into a potion. As soon as the heap contains at least 3 seeds, the transmutation occurs, so it’s impossible to transmute, for instance, 4 seeds of A and 4 seeds of B within the same potion. If any item other than seed is present, no transmutation occurs.

The potion will be randomly selected based upon the seeds used. There is a 1/numberOfTransmutedSeeds probability of a random potion, otherwise, the potion will be one of the potions associated with the seeds used.

For example, if:

are used, there will be a 1/4 probability of getting a random potion. The remaining 3/4 is split between the seeds, so there is a:

Seed associations Edit

Seed Potion
Firebloom seed
Liquid Flame
Icecap seed
Sorrowmoss seed
Toxic Gas
Dreamweed seed
Paralytic Gas
Mind Vision

Tips Edit

  • Using more seeds will still result in only one potion but will reduce randomness.
  • Alchemy can produce a Potion of Experience, and is the only legitimate way of reaching max level. In practice, the only hypothetical way this is possible would be through the Wand of Regrowth & the Ring of Herbalism.
    • chance of a it is about .88%, which means you can expect that roughly every 113 potions created (when using 3 seeds)
  • It is impossible to use alchemy to create a Potion of Might, since its random generation is set to 0 % and no seed is associated with it.
  • As of update 1.6.4, you can no longer step on a tile with an Alchemy Pot by tapping it; and therefore, you can't pick up an item there in this way. Instead, you need to tap a wall behind the Alchemy Pot. [1]

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